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Submitted on
March 4, 2013


60 (who?)
THE CONTEST IS OVER! There was a total of 30 entries so I will be adding 50 points to each prize! Additionally, someone donated 43 points so those will be divided among the contest placements as well. In further addition, no written entries were submitted, so there will be a recalculation of points (for those who donated prizes to the written winner you no longer need to give them!). The new prizes will be listed beneath each placement so check below!
As for the advertisement prize, no one said that they had been recommended to enter this contest by anyone else so regrettably there will be no prize given out!
I want to thank everyone who entered, donated, or advertised. You truly made my day with your support and/or drawing of my character(s)!!! I hope that as I judge you will all wait patiently and perhaps go check out my friend and I's other contest (It would really mean a lot if you entered it, her characters barely ever get drawn!!!). I will post the results as soon as possible, note the winners (and the donators) with what they get/have to give! Every entry was absolutely fantastic and I will comment on each one trying to convey how much love I feel for all of you who entered! Thank you again for making this 2013 contest absolutely fantastic!!!

Much love to everyone!!!

P.S. If you linked me your entry and it somehow is not in the entry folder LET ME KNOW!!!

Fun Little Notes
-7 entries included Iris
-4 entries included Shayd
-4 entries included Fiero
-3 entries included BOTH Fiero and Shayd
-6 entries included Theo
-Of those 6 entries 4 were wolf!Theo and 2 were gijinka!Theo
-3 entries included Thad (only one was gijinka!)
-2 entries contained BOTH Thad and Theo
-9 entries included Arc (of them one was gijinka/human)
-7 entries included Silent (of them one was gijinka/human)
-6 entries included BOTH Arc and Silent (of them one was gijinka/human)
-4 entries included Aarin
-2 entries included Airyk
-1 entry included BOTH Aarin and Airyk
So overall, the most popular character to draw was ARC, with Silent and Iris as close seconds. The most popular couple to draw was ARC/SILENT. The least popular character to draw was AIRYK, and the least popular couple was AARIN/AIRYK.


Most Songified Idea goes to CE: BRO-O-O-MANCE! [Download for Best Quality] by specbear who not only found one of my new fave songs but found one that PERFECTLY fits Thad and Theo! Then there's the great art to match! I will be sending 10 points your way, my song-a-licious friend!!!

Cutest Flight goes to [I Won't Let You Fall] by RainTheNeko for having such lovely swirling feathers and such tenderness between the cutest little chibis of Arc and Silent!!! I'll be sending 10 points your way for giving me cavities!!!

Everything Bagel goes to Sharpie Page .CE for EnchantedTopaz. by red-sunfox for drawing EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN ONE ENTRY!!! Great work! They all are super adorable! I'll be sending 10 points your way for your expertise at mixing the 'ingredients'!!!

Closest To Home goes to Graduation day- CONTEST ENTRY! by Kittycutiee for unconsciously creating an entry that reflects what's going on in my life right now! I'll be graduating high school next Tuesday!!! So for bringing up memories, I'll be sending you 10 points!!!

Third Place goes to This Is A Total Copout by Kama-ItaeteXIII for having just such an original idea, then putting it forth in a comic! You portrayed them perfectly in character in your own little AU and every time that I look at it my heart wrenches and then tingles and I just love going back over every inch of this piece!

Second Place goes to Purple love by tatiilange for utilizing the color purple in such a way that I do not find it distasteful! Seriously, a gorgeous piece, the semi-monochromatic background allows for a serene quality and focuses one's eyes on Shayd and Fiero in the foreground. Their little nose touch is absolutely perfect for their relationship at the moment! The backlighting is amazing and your fur texture is awesome!

First Place goes to Contest: Bird's Eye View by Aminirus which is one of the most stunning pieces I've had entered in any of my contests!!! I adore the use of light, foreshortening, and expression! I could go on for hours about this piece I really could! The dynamic pose, the portrayal of the characters, the brilliance of the use of white, it's all absolutely gorgeous and deserving of first place! Thank you to everyone who entered!!!

view entries here->…

-----What You Are To Do-----
Draw my characters. There are no restrictions, no themes, nothing. I want this to be all about how you interpret them, while still staying true to them. I want to see what glorious things you all can create of them, what ones you are drawn to, what ones you challenge yourself to draw. All you have to do is DRAW. Written entries are also allowed but will be judged separate from the art as it is difficult for me to compare them! Any form of media is allowed-digital, traditional, 2D, 3D, music, etc.

Currently it is May 31st but this is subject to change.
JUNE 5th!!!
Countdown: 6 days left

-you may not submit art that was made prior to this contest, all submissions must be SOLELY for this contest
-any form of media is allowed, if you do traditional media I may ask whether you are comfortable mailing it to me
-if you have questions please comment below so others can see your question and my response
-sketches, linearts, etc. are all welcome entries!
-in terms of maturity please do not do anything that the character would not do, if you have specific questions then please ask but I mostly leave this to your own discretion
-you may submit as many entries as you want but you may only place once

Judge: EnchantedTopaz
Judging will be based not just on technical skills but also on creativity and the adherence to the actual character's personalities and descriptions. Someone who thinks outside the box and puts a lot of effort into their piece is probably more likely to win than someone who sketches two headshots and calls it done. While you may enter multiple times, quality is being judged over quantity.

-----Topaz Likes this Kind of Stuff-----
SONGS: "Need You Now", "Truly Madly Deeply", "Just Say Yes", "Walking By", "That's Amore", "Your Guardian Angel", "Iris", "Silly Love Songs"
ART: traditional, various styles, sketch pages, stuffed animals, fluff

------Characters to Choose From------
IRIS by EnchantedAdopts Iris
Aarin by EnchantedTopazAARIN by EnchantedTopaz Aarin
Airyk by EnchantedTopaz Airyk
Theo Thad March 2013 References by EnchantedTopazThad Theo Human References by EnchantedTopaz Theo
Theo Thad March 2013 References by EnchantedTopazThad Theo Human References by EnchantedTopaz Thad
Arc Silent March 2013 Ref by EnchantedTopazArc and Silent Human Refs by EnchantedTopaz Arc
Arc Silent March 2013 Ref by EnchantedTopazArc and Silent Human Refs by EnchantedTopaz Silent
Fiero CLOSED by EnchantedAdopts Fiero
Shayd CLOSED by EnchantedAdopts Shayd

First Place:
1080 points sent
Basic Foxikeet by EnchantedAdopts if desired done
Super cheeb from EnchantedTopaz done
Fullcolor Fullbody from MossJayfire done
Custom Design from red-sunfox
Fullbody Full Detail of up to two characters from EzrasPost
full body shaded picture with simple bg or transparency from Piplup1662backup
'something' by asphyxis
2 customs or pups, hand drawn by Shi-Adopts

Second Place:
680 points sent
Supercheeb from EnchantedTopaz done
Flatcolor Fullbody from MossJayfire done
Headshot from red-sunfox
Full Body no BG of one character from EzrasPost
fully shaded head shot with some simple bg or fully shaded body shot with one color bg or transparency from Piplup1662backup
1 custom or pup hand drawn by Shi-Adopts

Third Place:
380 points sent
Supercheeb from EnchantedTopaz done
Flatcolor Headshot from MossJayfire done
Chibi from red-sunfox
Headshot/Bust from EzrasPost
colored sketch of body or flat colored head shot one colored bg or transparency from Piplup1662backup

This is where people who donate points titled "A Donation to Increase Contest Prizes" will be featured as well as people who donate prizes. Three pieces from your gallery will be featured here!!!
MossJayfire River Lullaby by MossJayfireLovely Lullaby by MossJayfireThe Gang's All Here by MossJayfire
red-sunfox Gimov by red-sunfoxJethrocity by red-sunfoxDeathbed and Sweetbear:3 by red-sunfox
EzrasPost AT with ATLAS by EzrasPostLovins Yo by EzrasPostWEWT GIFTS by EzrasPost
Piplup1662backup ::: B A N G ::: by Piplup1662backupDid someone say EriVris by Piplup1662backupSnuggle cuddles by Piplup1662backup
shiroi-of-envii Meenah paper doll by shiroi-of-envii::Comm:: Lorelei Paperdoll by shiroi-of-enviiQuila paper doll by shiroi-of-envii
WildWolfShike :thumb375509457::thumb372805977::thumb375345225:

This is where people who advertise the contest in a journal and link back here will have their names listed. Each person you actually get to make an entry counts as a tally mark towards your name. Be the person to get the most people to actually make entries and win: 50 :points: and a supercheeb from EnchantedTopaz !!!So that we can keep track of who people were referred by, if they make an entry ask them to put in the artist's comments-> referred by: (your deviantart name)
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MossJayfire Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

prize for *tatiilange
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Dawnface Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats to everyone! I wish I would've gotten my entry in, but ah well, I never got to digitally finish it. ;o; I'll have to upload it as a gift later on. c;
RainTheNeko Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats everyone! Everything was so beautiful and amazing <3
red-sunfox Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! I'm so glad you liked my Everything Bagel!
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